Robert Buck

Managing Director


Since his early teenage years, Robert has had a passion for business and technology. In fact his first commercial enterprise was started with a fellow year 8 student selling lemon toffee to their neighbours in Eleebana, Lake Macquarie. They had a great start before his friend moved to Queensland. At the time they had an outstanding order for one of the region’s better known business people. As his friend’s mum was the chef, this had a devastating effect on the manufacturing process and he was unable to fill the order. The business person gave the following constructive advice “When you promise something in business, you must always deliver”. Robert took those words of wisdom and still lives by them today.

In the mid-nineties whilst studying computer engineering and working full time as a computer technician, Robert decided he could provide a higher level of customer service to what he’d witnessed in the market and made the decision to start Diamond.

At this time University was put on hold, but he later returned to complete his MBA with Merit. He is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Today, Robert’s time is spent working on and in Diamond to create the best possible offering for our customers. “I’m most passionate about the fantastic company staff culture we have at Diamond and the high level of customer satisfaction our staff’s passion results in. I think it’s fair to say though, that my obsession is Total Quality Management and continually improving processes to help us create as much value for customers as possible.”

In 2017, Roberts was both honoured and humbled to be appointed as a Director to the Board for the Samaritans.

Martin Thurgate



After moving to Newcastle in the mid-nineteen nineties, Martin finished his IT degree and worked in a technical role in the internet services sector. He joined Diamond in 1998 as an IT technician and in 2000 he became a director and equal owner of the business.

Over the next two decades Martin assumed various roles inside the business, including customer facing technical roles, direct sales, Sales Manager, Technical Services Manager and General Manager. This mix of hands on technology and business experience combined to make Martin one of the leading ICT experts in the region, with unique skills in helping businesses realise the potential benefits that ICT can deliver to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Martin is most passionate about providing a superior customer experience, and helping other businesses harness the benefits of utilising technology.

“Having built a highly dynamic, efficient, award winning business, I’m passionate about sharing my experiences and helping other businesses gain a competitive advantage through the use of technology.”

Geoff Moten

B Sc
Software Development Manager

After becoming obsessed by personal computers in the mid-eighties Geoff has maintained a passion for technology as an enabling force since that time.

Over 25 years as a consultant, he has combined software development, systems analysis, software architecture, database design and system administration with project & people management for companies in Australia and North America.

In 2014 he returned for his second stint with Diamond after a 10 year sabbatical. “I am very excited to return to Diamond to find an organisation with a strong sense of purpose and a positive, healthy culture. I am dedicated to building the best experience possible for my internal & external clients by understanding their needs and improving the quality, efficiency and efficacy of our systems.”

Samantha Cordell

Group Marketing Manager

sam-cordellSamantha (Sam) fell into the IT Industry after studying a combination of computer science and marketing at Uni, starting in Operations with the now decentralised Cabletron Systems. Over the next 20 years Sam undertook various marketing roles within Intel, Microsoft and Cisco Systems before moving to Newcastle for a sea-change working for Wine Selectors. “Not able to stay away from the IT Industry I jumped at the chance to join the Diamond team. I am excited to drive the marketing strategy for Diamond’s range of services including Managed Services, Software Development and Telecommunications.”