Are you eligible for the $20,000 asset write-off scheme?

Small business instant asset write-off scheme When Scott Morrison handed down the Budget 2017-2018 this month, it was to the mantra “about making those right choices, to secure the better days ahead” But what does this mean for small businesses? Good things if you’re in need of upgrading or adding new assets for the organisation. [...]

NBN Internet a risk for Australian SME’s

Australian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are currently being offered connections to the NBN, but many are unsure if it’s right for their organisation. For most SMEs outside of the Central Business Districts of Australia's Capital cities, the NBN will come as a Fibre to the Node (FTTN) connection, with the "last mile" being traditional copper [...]

Employee Spotlight: Mel Sneddon

Diamond actively recruits and keeps the best ICT brains in the market. Our staff are recognised industry leaders, innovators and all round impressive people who all have great stories to share. We’d like you to meet one of our Telstra Solutions Specialists– Mel Sneddon.  1. What is your role at Diamond? My role at Diamond is a [...]

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Don’t get harpooned by a Whaler…

"Whaling" is a social engineering attack achieved often with a bare minimum of technological assistance, a simple but effective scam where an organisation's authority figure such as a CEO/CIO/CFO is impersonated, usually by email, in order to authorise some form of illegitimate data or funds transfer. Some of the successful scams have been very simple, [...]

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Why you need to back up your mobile devices

There was a time when mobile phones were used exclusively for calling and texting. Now, they can do so much more. Regardless of your level of tolerance or skill for managing documents in such a small gadget, mobile devices allow you to send and receive email, download and upload media files, store data, and even [...]

Security, the key reason for Windows 10 migration

Why is Windows 10 migration so important? One of the key reasons is Security... Security improvements is the leading driver for enterprises to migrate to Windows 10 on PCs, according to a study by Gartner. The report found that 49 percent of respondents cited security improvements as the reason for deploying Windows 10 in their [...]

Mandatory data breach notification scheme…

Are you taking “reasonable steps” to protect your customer’s data? Within 12 months you will be required legally to report data breaches that occur within your business. Review our tips on how to avoid data breaches in the first place and what will be required in the event of a data breach… What is the [...]

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Technology Optimisation

Diamond ICTs proactive, unique and effective managed service Traditionally Managed Service Providers, like Diamond ICT, primarily focus on 3 core areas – Maintenance, Monitoring and Support. These areas are important as they provide responsive, effective support, as well as proactively monitoring systems to ensure major issues are avoided. However, in spite of Diamond’s award winning [...]

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IoT and Us

The Internet of Things (IoT) wave will soon wash over Australia's small to medium enterprises. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is basically the idea of making non-connected devices in our environment connected to us, or each other. For two generations we’ve worked with computers using screens and keyboards, but the future where it involves [...]

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How healthy is your Active Directory?

Active Directory (or AD as it’s commonly referred to in the IT world) is the centre piece of your Windows network’s security, but if you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard of it. If you have heard of it, chances are it was only mentioned by your IT provider in vague terms – something [...]

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