Diamond Managed Cloud Backup

Your business information is one of your most important assets. So it is critical to be able to access your backups when data recovery is required. To achieve this effectively Diamond recommends having both local and offsite backup repositories.

  • Local backup is for rapid recovery of data that is accidently deleted or corrupted. This backup should be stored on a fast, local disk (such as a Backup Server, USB hard drive, NAS, etc.) which is kept at your office.
  • Offsite backup is for recovery in the event of a major disaster. Tape has been the industry standard for this important function for decades now; and while tapes have many benefits they can sometimes be frustrating to use because of tape drive failure, dirty heads or occasional data corruption due to tape degradation.

Diamond is always on the lookout for innovative, robust and reliable solutions; so we are pleased to introduce our new Diamond Managed Cloud Backup (DMCB) service for your offsite backup. Unlike physical media, your data is transferred directly over the Internet to our advanced storage facilities at Diamond, where security is the priority. Your backups can now be accessed rapidly, reliably and seamlessly under the management of our advanced DMS system.

No more headaches!

Removable storage technologies like tape necessitate a “rotation process” that requires effort from your staff and often causes problems, particularly when the designated person is off sick, on vacation, or leaves the organisation. Diamond Managed Cloud Backup service removes all the headaches of media rotation.

The Diamond Managed Cloud Backup system backs up your server(s) to the local repository as usual, then out of business hours, the local data is synchronised over the internet to our Storage Servers at Diamond. The process is 100% automatic and requires no intervention from you or your staff.

How it works

People often ask, “Isn’t there too much data to be transferred via my Internet link?” It’s a fair question. This problem is solved as follows:

  • A Diamond technician takes a full backup of your server(s) onto a portable disk. This is referred to as the base image. This large base image is physically transported back to Diamond and loaded onto our Storage Servers.
  • The DMCB system then sends only incremental changes to our Storage Servers. These incremental changes are much smaller than a full backup, and using advanced data compression and de-duplication technologies, the backup is readily transferred over most Internet links, including ADSL.

Our Storage Servers merge the original base image with the incremental changes to ensure a full back up is available offsite at all times.

Below is a visual presentation of the Diamond Managed Cloud Backup process:
Diamond Managed Cloud Backup
To find out how you can use Diamond’s Managed Cloud Backup to strengthen and protect your data please contact us