We provide the convenience of a single point of contact to a large range of ICT products and services, with the size and depth of capability to provide excellent technical outcomes consistently. We deliver the most value possible through the use of streamlined processes and automation to keep our price as competitive as possible.

Our monitoring and ticketing systems are world class, ensuring we’re well organised and providing you with peace of mind that your systems and information are secure. It’s about increasing productivity, reducing downtime, communicating and enhancing your business performance.

You will also have access to our Technology Optimisation (TechOps) team, who will assist in aligning your ICT environment to industry best practice on an ongoing, proactive basis.

In addition to our core managed services we also have other specific solutions that we can incorporate into our offering including our Anti-Virus solution DMAV and Diamond Cloud Backup

It’s important to select the best IT partner for your business. Below are some factors that the ICT industry considers important. We believe Diamond is a leader in these critical areas.

  • Technical team size, experience and certification: Diamond has over 20 highly certified IT technicians making us one of the larger commercial IT teams in Australia. We have deep experience in a wide range of industry sectors and line of business applications.
  • First class systems and processes: Our team uses custom designed support management ‘ticketing’ software in addition to advanced, proactive monitoring systems that anticipate and prevent issues.
  • Established performance based SLA: Diamond is well established as one of the first ICT firms in Australia to offer a performance based, fixed price managed services agreement.
  • Focus on connecting ICT to your business objectives – Diamond’s design engineers and consultants work closely with you to ensure we implement ICT solutions that help improve business performance.
  • Financial strength and stability: Diamond has been providing IT services to the business community since 1996, and communications services via the acquisition of Express communications since 1989.

In addition to proving first class IT services, there is also the added benefit of us having a deep understanding of complementary technologies such as phone systems, mobiles phones, unified communications and consultancy services. This provides our team with context on how IT fits in to your overall technology infrastructure even if you don’t use us for those services.

One of the few IT service providers that has attained the prestigious Microsoft Gold level competency, in fact Diamond has two. View a full list of Diamond Group’s capabilities here.

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Diamond’s IT SLA is directed towards two types of organisational requirements. Those with and those without dedicated internal IT resources.

Organisations without dedicated internal IT resources

When it is cost prohibitive to employ and manage a dedicated IT team, it can be challenging to find affordable IT Solutions that provide excellent outcomes for your organisation. Diamond’s SLA is the best in the business. It’s also easy to understand, costs are predictable and it is scalable as your business grows.

We understand that, while we are completely focused on ICT, you’re concerned with the overall running of your business. This is why our focus is to help you use ICT as a tool to meet your business objectives and address your challenges by providing you access to

  • A friendly professional team that keeps the technical jargon to a minimum so we can best work together to keep you productive.
  • Strategic advice you can trust from our industry certified IT engineers and business analysts to gain an understanding of your business and design effective solutions.
  • Quick response to technical issues, with guarantees around performance, when they arise to get your staff back to work as quickly as possible.
  • A full-service ICT team that offers more than just technical support. Our salespeople, network designers and consultants, all add their expertise to help you get the most from your IT investment.

Why do we have the very best solution for organisations without IT teams?

We regularly benchmark ourselves against other Australian and international ICT companies. The feedback is consistent, we’re one of the best at what we do… anywhere.

How do we do it?

We’ve invested heavily in our team and systems. We keep ahead of the competition by

  • Ensuring our ratio of technicians to the number of computers they support is very high compared to our competitors. We regularly conduct in depth analysis of our workload and capacity so we can respond fast each and every time.
  • Utilising world class ticketing and monitoring systems that ensure your technical issues are dealt with in the most structured way possible.
  • Using detailed auditing and network documentation systems so that our large responsive team still has the familiarity you’d expect from a smaller team. Giving you the best of both worlds.

We practise the concept of Total Quality Management and regularly invest in skills and enhance business processes. We also ensure that we have plenty of technicians to handle the workload. As a result, our customers consistently provide us with positive feedback regarding improved network stability, our responsiveness and ability to resolve their issues quickly.

Fixed Price model

Do you get a little nervous when you see a tech from your IT support company wandering around the office? Just how much is the bill going to cost this time?!

When you start your Diamond IT SLA you can relax

Unlike traditional break/fix models, instead of waiting for problems to occur then charging you to fix them, our results-based approach puts the onus squarely on us to ensure minimum network disruption and downtime. This allows us to focus on tasks and outcomes for you.

Our interests are aligned with yours

Our SLA also allows you to accurately budget for IT support because one fixed monthly payment completely covers your contracted services. Overall, you get the comfort of guaranteed performance and the convenience of fixed pricing.


Fixed price

Not all the benefits of Diamond SLAs are immediately apparent.

When your staff realise the business won’t get hit with a bill every time they need help, they’ll feel more comfortable getting their issues resolved.

Put simply… productivity increases

Diamond Management Systems

Diamond Management Systems (DMS) is a unique, world class suite of technologies that enables us to help you get the most from your IT resource. DMS connects us to your network so we can remotely monitor its health and security, diagnose and resolve issues, as well as install software and security updates – all without interrupting you.

DMS is comprised of four very important tools that allow our staff to keep your systems as stable and secure as possible.

  • Ticketing which helps our team manage technical problems as effectively as possible.
  • Monitoring and reporting which seeks out problems for us to deal with as quickly as possible.
  • Maintenance applies software patches to protect your information against cyber threats and minimise downtime.
  • Automation designed to immediately respond to issues and threats, and includes our unique, custom designed RansomBlocker, which automatically stops ransomware from spreading within your network

Diamond has invested heavily in our DMS systems. When you become a Diamond SLA customer you get to take advantage of world class technologies usually only accessible to the enterprise and government sectors at a small fraction of the cost.

So What Services Are Included?

When you select a Diamond SLA we’re agreeing to provide some or all of our core services at a fixed price per device. These are the services you need on a regular basis. We understand that you don’t use services such as Web Sites or IT policy consulting all the time. That’s why we don’t price them into your SLA. These services are available separately when you need them.

Here’s a brief description of the three core services

  • Maintenance and Monitoring: This is how we keep your systems running as smoothly as possible by providing security and performance updates. We also monitor your systems so we can act quickly if something goes wrong
  • Support: This is the service we provide when you have a problem with an existing piece of software or equipment. Sometimes, through our maintenance and monitoring, we’ll fix problems before you even know they exist
  • Installation (Only included in Network Assurance) is what we call the implementation of new hardware or software onto your network

When you become a Diamond SLA customer, you’re working with the best in the business and we place guarantees around our performance.

Organisations with dedicated internal IT resources

Diamond specialises in providing efficient and reliable IT support designed to meet your specific requirements. We tailor agreements to suit organisations with a variety of internal IT structures and capabilities.

If you need help with a special project involving your IT assets and/or consulting, we’re eager to assist you. We are an expert, affordable IT consulting firm providing advisory and managerial services that will meet any of your short, or long-term IT objectives.

Additionally you can select one or more of the following services, explained in detail below, to complement the strengths of your internal team.

  • Managed server and networking monitoring service
  • Outsourced help desk
  • Short and Long term Labour Hire

We fill the short and medium term gaps so your organisation consistently experiences a first class ICT resource.

Outsourced help desk

Are you experiencing a high-staff turnover because your senior technicians are getting pulled away from important projects or simply can’t handle the high volume of basic desktop support requests?

Are you managing technical support using someone’s inbox or outlook tasks?

Perhaps it’s time to consider Diamond’s outsourced help desk. This service combines our highly skilled and responsive technical support with our world class custom developed ticketing system.

Diamond Managed Services (DMS) – Ticketing System

Firms with dedicated IT teams can have different goals and objectives. Over the years we’ve been approached by some well-established teams that are struggling to manage their support requests via spreadsheets, outlook tasks and even email inboxes.

If you haven’t yet made the significant investment to implement a comprehensive ticketing system you have the option of accessing our world class ticketing system when you engage Diamond for outsourced help desk.

Because we have supported thousands of PCs across hundreds of businesses, our custom developed systems have been extensively tested and proven. We have the technology to open a portal so your team can work together with ours, providing the ability to assign issues to both our staff and yours

You’ll have access to a world class ticketing system at a very small fraction of the cost of acquiring your own.

Ticketing systems are very important to ensure that support is well structured and focused on the right issues at the right time. In an outsourced help desk scenario, ticketing systems are particularly important because they help our teams work seamlessly together to provide the best outcomes for end users.

Our system allows your end users to log an issue and for them, as well as your IT team, to monitor its progress through to resolution. As a result, they always know what’s going on and we’re transparently accountable for our performance.

Diamond’s ticketing system is unique in the market and helps keep you productive by addressing some issues that are quite common for IT teams.

  • It eliminates wasted time and energy caused by having multiple people from your team, or ours, inadvertently involved in the same or a related issue.
  • Ensuring the detail of each technical issue is clear to the Diamond team, so your staff won’t have to repeatedly explain a recurrent problem.
  • This also ensures we have visibility of the history of a system or problem and can identify the root cause, giving us the best change to fix issues permanently.

Diamond’s management proactively uses Quality review systems to ensure that tickets are always responded to quickly and seen through to a swift resolution.

Managed Server Service- Monitoring


If your team’s skillset and attention is focused on the desktop environment and you haven’t yet made the significant investment in server monitoring systems, you should consider Diamond’s Managed Server Service.

Manage your overall network environment by accessing Diamond’s award winning monitoring systems that help our respective teams work collaboratively to

  • Monitor the health and security of your systems
  • Diagnose and resolve issues and where possible, anticipate issues before they occur.

We’ve tailored our offering to complement your internal IT personnel and honed our systems to detect important issues like undetected component failure or disk space issues as they occur without the distraction of numerous unnecessary notifications.

Our monitoring systems help you reduce downtime and increase productivity. This increases the value your IT team can provide to the rest of the organisation.


Under Diamond’s Managed Server Service, you have the option of including our automated patch management software. This applies the latest patches each week in a structured way which allows us to block any patches that have been found to cause issues. This is all done without our technicians needing to touch your systems, reducing any chance of human error.

When a new layer of protection or stability enhancement becomes available you’ll be updated straight away.

That’s peace of mind…