More than ever businesses are looking to improve efficiency and make the right decisions at the right time. Software development is a key tool that can help uncover areas for improvement, unlock productivity gains and help reduce costs.

Our software development solutions are designed to align with your business needs. We take into consideration your current work practises then provide solutions that streamline your business processes.

This is enforced through our project methodology Agile to ensure that the design and implementation is tangible, with regular feedback also taken into account.

One of the most important factors in the success of a software development project is getting both the scope and estimation of your investment as accurate as possible. This helps you analyse the return on investment and keeps the cost of the project down.


Diamond consider scoping, one of the most critical aspects of a project. Our process includes

  • Thorough requirement analysis to identify the desired goals and objectives of a solution.
  • Technology search and comparison to ensure a custom solution is, in fact, the best way to produce the business outcome or whether an existing software solution is suitable.
  • Comprehensive technical solution design.
  • Communication of the proposed solution in business terms to empower the authorised people with the information to rationally judge the decision.

Implementation and Maintenance

Our implementation uses the agile software development framework. Agile approach to software development, which means that we’re regularly in touch to ensure that the design specifications of the software are accurate and met in a timely manner. Also, this ensures that progress is tangible and regular feedback is factored into the solution.

  • Implementation completed by our team of developers with high coding standards.
  • Where Diamond finds it possible, integration of custom software with existing systems to help reduce manual intervention in business processes.
  • Ongoing maintenance to give reassurance that the solution will continue to support a business need into the future.


What technologies do we use?

Diamond uses Microsoft technology to deliver web, desktop and mobile based software solutions.

SharePoint Development

  • Diamond uses the infrastructure of SharePoint to deliver custom solutions within the SharePoint environment.
  • This style of development provides users with the powerful collaboration features of SharePoint, with customisations to achieve unique business needs.

One of the powerful features of SharePoint that this approach allows us to tap into is workflows.



.NET Application Development

From MS website

The .NET Framework is a widely used technology that supports building and running of applications and XML Web services. Diamond favours the .NET Framework because it provides us and our customers with:

  • A solid foundation for handling, local, web based or environments with a combination of both
  • Minimimal software-version conflicts.
  • Improved performance through reducing the need for additional scripting.
  • A standardised environment for both Windows-based applications and Web-based applications.
  • An industry standards environment to ensure that applications can integrate with those coded with other (non .NET) frameworks.



XperiDo document creation platform

The XperiDo document creation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is exactly what you need if you want to create professional documents from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is far more powerful than CRM’s standard Mail Merge capabilities and far less complex than native SSRS reporting.


  • Direct document creation from with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 36: Create professional documents with just a few clicks or quickly create, save and deliver the documents with automated default settings with just one click.
  • Auto-storage and delivery of document: Automatically save documents as attachments with a notes or task activities in Microsoft Dynamics; store documents in Microsoft SharePoint; auto-print or e-mail your documents.
  • Digital signing: XperiDo integrates with the DocuSign Digital Transaction Platform. It auto-signs documents with you e-signature then notifies other parties via email with a link to your document.
  • Template design and management capabilities: Create extraordinary templates in Microsoft Word using the XperiDo Template Design Add-in. Supports mapping, looping, grouping, conditional text, e-signatures, translations and barcode & image conversion.
  • Server-side document creation, on premises or in the cloud: XperiDo is robust, scalable and easy to manage. The XperiDo server can be hosted on premises or in the cloud.

XperiDo is a powerful, yet easy-to-manage solution for all your document generation needs. Suitable for all businesses, from SME to large Enterprises.